Vegetarian Cooking Classes

January 18, 2015

Early in 2014, I began facilitating a monthly vegetarian cooking class as a volunteer with the Sant Mat or Know Thyself as Soul Foundation. I enjoyed the monthly sessions and always learned as much from the participants as they did from me. However, moving to the country has put an end to the monthly classes, at least temporarily. Having retired, I have given up the commute to the city, at least for the winter months. This blog is my attempt to provide some support and encouragement to those beginning the vegetarian journey.

I do not claim to be a wonderful cook. But I am adventurous and can read a recipe. Most of the recipes I will post are not my own, but gleaned from cookbooks and blog site, sometimes with a slight modification. Where ever possible, I will provide credit to the originator.

The recipes will be a mix of old favorites and newly discovered gems. All will require no advanced cooking knowledge or techniques and can be made by anyone. All the recipes will be strictly plant-based, with no eggs or dairy used. Many will be gluten-free.  They will be mostly whole food, however, some may use small amounts of oil. In most cases, they will be budget minded. In all cases, they will be delicious.


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