People become vegetarians for many different reasons – for health, environmental, animal rights, ethical and spiritual reasons.

We have been vegetarians of a sort for almost 40 years. Our reason was primarily health related. We began as ovo-lacto (eating eggs and dairy) as well as some fish and sea food.  (While some would say  – what kind of plant is a fish – this type of vegetarianism was popular when we began our journey.)

Over our journey we have gradually adopted a more whole food, plant based diet. For over six years, we have been solely plant based. Our impetus for the change was the documentary Forks Over Knives, recommended to us by our oldest daughter. Time for the kids to start teaching the parents.

Our journey; however, is not over. We continue to grow, to learn and to improve on our diet and lifestyle. Since early 2016, we have been moving to a more fully whole food plant based diet by removing oils from our diet. We watched the documentary PlantPure Nation and recommitted to a whole food plant based diet. I assumed this would be a most difficult transition, but it has been surprising easy.

Over the years, our reasons for a plant heavy diet have also evolved. Although we still consider the plant based diet as fundamental in our journey to optimum health, ethical and spiritual reasons now also prevail.

Regardless of your reason for visiting this site or your journey, I hope you will find the recipes and information helpful in your journey to a more compasionate way of living.





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